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Drysource provides cutting-edge disaster restoration, emergency climate control, and drying solutions, wherever and whenever you need us.

More Than Just a Rental Company

Drysource helps contractors design best-in-class drying plans that are backed by science and quantified algorithms. Whether it's equipment, project expertise, or executing the project alongside your team, we ensure property loss is mitigated as efficiently as possible.
We asked Drysource founder, Kevin Dooley, what sets Drysource apart? 

"It’s experience – years of testing and iterating processes. For the first time ever in 2023, we can provide drying strategies that are quantified and measured to get your client back into their property faster than anyone else."

Drysource Priority Service Partnerships

When $hit hits the fan, you want to be ready to respond fast! 

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Drysource is an industry leader in supporting contractors and service providers as they help their communities recover from floods, fires, and storms.

"Kevin and his team are by far the brightest minds in the emergency drying business. Their ability to assess, design, and deploy resources for contractors is second to none." 

Ryan, DKI 

“I recommend Kevin and his team without hesitation. As a supplier to contractors for over 20 years, I've always heard from my clients that Kevin's team delivers on their promise and that they know drying better than anyone else. His team has only ever worked for contractors and they know exactly how to get the job done.” 

Brian Strawn, Abatement Technologies

“Where the F#$% did you guys come from? We have never seen a drying set up like this before. Normally it would be a full gut.” 

Consultant, 18 story large loss condo flood - Ontario, Canada

"Having worked with Kevin and his team for several years, I can say with conviction that the knowledge, skills and resources he can quickly bring to bear on large complex projects are second to none. When fast responses, expert skills and specialty equipment are a necessity, Kevin's team is the one I recommend, every time."  

Jim, First Onsite

Drying technology and mitigation processes have evolved.

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